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The Department of Design at Zurich University of the Arts is committed to a broad, modern and forward-looking understanding of design which is applied to teaching, research and continuing education. Critique and reflection are placed above a solely aesthetic and usage-orientated perspective.

The seven subject areas of Game Design, Cast/Audiovisual Media, Knowledge Visualization, Visual Communication, Interaction Design, Industrial Design and Trends & Identity tackle urgent questions and responsibilities of contemporary design and turn them into innovative projects in their Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes as well as in their research activities. Further education opportunities provide a platform for sharing findings and practices which are fed directly into the industry and the creative sector.

The Department of Design’s philosophy is to work together with students and staff across disciplines to shape tomorrow’s understanding of design by identifying and pursuing future-oriented topics. Within the subject areas and in interdisciplinary projects, the department successfully addresses the following topics: material futures, aesthetics, gender & identity, emerging technologies, sustainability/ecology, interaction, storytelling, design activism, and health design.

In Switzerland and abroad, projects and participants are showcased by the department at exhibitions, conferences and festivals, in publications and on web-based platforms. The aim is to enter into a dialogue with international designers, forge long-term partnerships and find new possibilities for cooperation. On this website, you will find the Department of Design’s most important initiatives across the different subject areas and information about those leading the projects.

We place great importance in making our work in all areas of the department easily accessible to an interested public and are therefore establishing as a platform for engagement and participation.

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Head of Department:
Hansuli Matter,

Deputy Head of Department of Design I Head of Institut for Design Research:
Dr. Anna Lisa Martin-Niedecken,

Head of B.A. and M.A. Programmes:
Corina Zuberbühler,

Deputy Head of B.A. Programme:
Lisa Hillers,