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Special issue for the journal Design Issues: “New Perspectives on Swiss Graphic Design”

The project “Swiss Graphic Design and Typography Revisited” has published a special issue of the renowned journal Design Issues (MIT Press), which is now available.

In joint research, seven universities investigated the status of Swiss Graphic Design from today’s perspective. The special issue results from the project’s insights and is one of two planned publications. 

Edited by Davide Fornari, Robert Lzicar, Sarah Owens, Michael Renner, Arne Scheuermann, and Peter J. Schneemann, including contributions by Sandra Bischler, Chiara Barbieri and Davide Fornari, Constance Delamadeleine, Robert Lzicar, and Sara Zeller. Viola Zimmermann designed the cover.

The journal is available at:

Cover: “New Perspectives on Swiss Graphic Design”
Cover: “New Perspectives on Swiss Graphic Design”