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Special Formats

«New Realities - Diverse Futures» is the theme of the current edition of the interdisciplinary lecture series «Kein Kino». The lecture takes place event-related physically in the Toni Kino or virtually and addresses an interdisciplinary audience. The series' focus is the discussion of projects at the intersection of design – arts – technology. The guests share their design processes and theoretical foundation on a project-by-project basis and invite to an open discussion. The lecture series deals with pressing topics from game design, video art, social media, immersive arts, dance, theatre and composition for film and new media. The goal is to examine trends critically and identify productive collaborations between disciplines. The series is intended as an invitation to exchange knowledge and to provide impulses for cross-disciplinary projects.

Direction & curation: Maike Thies (Research Fellow, Department of Design)
When? always on Mondays, 6:30 to 8:00 pm
Where? Kino Toni (3.G02) or via Zoom


Ramona Sprenger (Dezentrum) & David Ryser (Republik)
Kino Toni (3.G02)
Do not feed the Google

Jonathan Dumont (Creative Director) & Stéphanie-Anne Ruatta (Historical Director)
Insights Assassin’s Creed Odyssey [Ubisoft]
Kein Kino X Museum für Gestaltung Zürich

Product Designers Benjamin Josi & Laurin Schaffner
Kino Toni (3.G02)
3FOLD – Faltbares, chirurgisches Applikationsinstrument
A collaboration with the Institut for Design Research and the Subject Area in Industrial Design.

Film musician Bänz Ilser
Host: Olav Lervik
Kino Toni (3.G02)
The Perfect Collaboration in Film Scoring - and the Reality
A collaboration with the study programme «Composition for Film, Theater and Media, ZHdK».

Lea Schönfelder (Co-Founder Fein Games)
The Making of Finding Hannah

Alexander Giesche (Regisseur)
Insights into the final rehearsals on Verbundensein

Total Refusal
Kino Toni (3.G02)
Live-Performance Operation Jane Walk
Kein Kino X Museum für Gestaltung Zürich

Eran Hilleli (Multidisziplinärer Künstler)
Kino Toni (3.G02)
Projektbezogene Einblicke
Kein Kino X Museum für Gestaltung Zürich

_More dates will follow soon.