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«Design Realities – Future Technologies» is the theme of the current edition of the interdisciplinary lecture series «Kein Kino». The lecture takes place event-related physically in the Toni Kino or virtually and addresses an interdisciplinary audience. The series' focus is the discussion of projects at the intersection of design – arts – technology. The guests share their design processes and theoretical foundation on a project-by-project basis and invite to an open discussion. The lecture series deals with pressing topics from game design, video art, social media, immersive arts, dance, theatre and composition for film and new media. The goal is to examine trends critically and identify productive collaborations between disciplines. The series is intended as an invitation to exchange knowledge and to provide impulses for cross-disciplinary projects. Internationally renowned speakers such as Galit Ariel (technology futurist), Jamal Nxedlana (Co-Founder Bubblegum Club, Art Director), Ellie Land (Animation Director), Alexander Giesche (Director Schauspielhaus Zürich), Yasaman Sheri (Designer Synthetic Ecologies Lab, Serpentine Galleries), Studio Eidola (Interdisciplinary Research & Design Studio), Onat Hekimoglu (Game Designer & Transmedia Storyteller), David O’Reilly (Game Designer), Yuvviki Dioh (Agent for Diversity, Schauspielhaus Zürich), Romy Strasser (New Assembly), Mara Danz (Fashion Designer), Magda Drozd (Performance Artist), Andrea Anner & Thibault Brêvet (AATB), Flurina Rothenberger (Nice Magazine) u.v.a..

Direction & curation: Maike Thies (Research Fellow, Department of Design)
When? every Monday, 6:30 to 8:00 pm
Where? Kino Toni (3.G02) or via Zoom


Noémi Büchi
Composer & Performance Artist
Kino Toni (3.G02)

Sara Reimann
Curator HAU4 – Hebbel am Ufer
Zoom [Please contact Maike Thies]

Monster Chetwynd
Performance Artist
Kino Toni (3.G02)

Yasaman Sheri
Future Technologist, Interface Designer, Researcher
Zoom (3.G02) [Please contact Maike Thies]

Jörg Friedrich & Sebastian Schulz
Game Developers at Paintbucket Games
Zoom [Please contact Maike Thies]

Rahel Zimmermann
Compositions for Film, Theatre and Space, ZHdK
In cooperation with the specialization Composition for Film, Theatre and Media and the Master's program Sound Design of the ZHdK
Kino Toni (3.G02)

Stine Deja
Visual Artist
Zoom [Please contact Maike Thies]

Şeyda Kurt
Zoom [Please contact Maike Thies]

Kathrin Grossenbacher
Graphic Designer, Visual Artist
Kino Toni (3.G02)

Leonhard Müllner
Visual artist & media researcher, Founding member of Total Refusal
Zoom [Register here]

Paulina Zybinska
Research Fellow Interaction Design, ZHdK, Visual Artist, Coder
Kino Toni (3.G02)

Dr. Ana Rajcevic (any pronouns)
MIT Biomechatronic Lab at the MIT Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston
Presented by Swissnex in Boston and New York and the Department of Design of Zurich University of the Arts
Zoom [Register here]