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New Junior Research in Design projects

As part of the Junior Research in Design programme, five projects out of ten submitted applications will be funded from August to December 2022. The initial funding enables young researchers at the Department of Design to realize their own research projects. This year's projects include a Pre-Doc project, a hybrid publication and three grants for case studies and the preparation of third-party funding proposals. Please find the project description here.

Projects 2022

  • “Hybridpublikation Design Ecologies”

Design theory and design history
Project manager: Flurina Gradin (BA lecturer)

  • “Circulations: mapping the life stories of the Benin Bronzes”

Subject area Cast/Audiovisual Media
Project manager: Caroline Feder (Teaching assistant)

  • “From food practices to design research methods: advancement of a PhD proposal for developing creative interaction design methods from food cultures with a focus that extends beyond human beings”

Subject area: Interaction Design Project manager: Emily Groves (student in the Transdisciplinary Artistic PhD programme)

  • “ISYO – sex toys for all bodies”

Subject area Industrial Design
Project manager: Stella Waldvogel (graduate BA Industrial Design)

  • “Mit den Sinnen einer Spinne”

Subject area Knowledge Visualization
Project manager: Barbara Schuler (graduate MA Knowledge Visualization)

Kick-off meeting with the junior researchers.
Kick-off meeting with the junior researchers.