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«Track-track: Let’s follow the cat!» received Best Demo Recognition at the ACM Interaction Design and Children Conference 2022

This year the IDC conference took place at the University of Minho in Portugal, and the central theme was “Connectedness” with a focus on the role of design and interactive technology in promoting and sustaining connections with fellow humans and the ecological world. «Track-track: Let’s follow the cat!» by Ph.D. candidate at Zurich University of the Arts, Interaction Design and University of Art and Design Linz Nomi Sasaki was voted for Best Demo by the IDC conference attendance.

«Track-track: Let’s follow the cat!» is a micro puppet show for children where the spectator’s biometric data animates elements of the scenography. While seeing the show inside a box through a peephole, the kid activates sensors that take the data to make the stars shine, blow the wind, and move the ocean waves. This puppet show reflects on children’s digital environment and the concerns around biometric data processing and children’s right to privacy.

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[Translate to English:] «Track-track: Let’s follow the cat!»
[Translate to English:] «Track-track: Let’s follow the cat!»