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Open Call - SDN Conference "Counterparts: Exploring Design Beyond the Human"

This year's Swiss Design Network Winter Research Summit will take place on 27 and 28 October at the Zurich University of the Arts. The title “Counterparts: Exploring Design Beyond the Human” calls for a closer focus on the involvement of design in the construction of a "One World Reality" (Law 2015) in the face of ecological crises and ongoing mass extinctions caused by anthropogenic influences. The conference aims to provide a basis for a joint exploration of what happens when we shift away from human-centred and universalist views of design and begin contemplating future ways of co-existing and co-emerging with others on this planet.

The Call for Contributions specifically welcomes papers by early career researchers and/or works in progress. Submission is possible until 31 March 2022. All abstracts will be reviewed and selected through a peer-review process.

Please find further information here.