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The Departement of Design at «Berlin Science Week»

From 4 to 6 November 2022, ZHdK will be participating in «Berlin Science Week» with various exhibitions and events. The week is part of «Zürich meets Berlin», a festival also involving other Zurich universities. The new president of ZHdK Karin Mairitsch is also participating in the event.

In cooperation with the University of Zurich, ZHdK presents «Kamituga | Digital Gold», an exhibition inviting visitors to look behind the dazzling mobile tech industry and highlighting the living conditions of miners. The joint event «Art for an ethical AI» between ZHdK and ETH Zurich will focus on what role art can play in developing artificial intelligence.

In cooperation with UZH and Humboldt University Berlin, ZHdK presents the exibition «Gletscher als Fieberthermometer des Klimawandels», where visitors can interactively experience how the Aletsch glacier is reacting to climate change on the «Expedition 2 Grad». The exhibition will be accompanied by a panel discussion on «Wasser als Lebenselixier in der Biodiversitäts- und Klimakrise». During the table discussion «Wasser in der Biodiversitäts- und Klimakrise: Wie gelingen Kommunikation und Anpassung?», members of ZHdK and UZH will discuss the relevance of water and biodiversity in cities, innovative strategies and measures for adapting to climate change, and how research findings and future scientific scenarios can be communicated to a wider audience.